Monday, August 13, 2012

F.H.E Fun..."The Big Game!"

This is the "Must See" game of the season.  Emily and Porter shoot and just miss...ohh!

Then Sarah shoots and also falls short...

Landon comes in with a very
big play...

Porter watches his opponents, studying every move..

Porter put's it up!  

Landon loses focus for a second.  There is just enough time for Jared to sneak in a  great shot....

But Porter still has more moves up his sleeve. He makes an awesome jump shot for 2.....

              Oh, It's a close one folks...

Who will come out on top?

What's this?  It's Landon...He comes out of nowhere for the win...and the crowd goes wild! 

It's the little moments that mean the most!  They seem to grow in a blink of an eye.  Enjoy each moment, never take life for granted.  We are so grateful for the blessing of family!  Hoping your life is bliss! :)
Meet the Fam!  Wow..This is all very new to us!  I guess the best way to start is a brief sketch on our family.  We have 4 kids two girls, and two boys.  We have always had a knack for keeping things even around! We are excited to embark on the world of blogging.
Jared & Kristi
Emily, Sarah, Porter and Landon


So yesterday we went and fed the ducks in our city.  The kids had fun but were not sure what to feed, the ducks or the giant rats...gross!!  It was a great time had by all!  So is this what you do for a blog?? ha ha!  Like I said we are really green at this.

Fun times!  Can't wait to share more soon!  Thanks for putting with up with our learning curve.  Talk to you soon.  Hope your life is blissful!! ;)